Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of «THE Vodka Flavor in you»”competition
Objective if the Competition
The company ACM CHRISTOFIDES LTD (herein referred to as the "Organizers") is launching a competition entitled ''THE Vodka Flavor in you” (herein referred to as the "Contest"), which will be held in the web page stolicyprus.com / thestolitype (herein referred to as the "Web Site").
  1. Right to participate in the Contest. All permanent residents of Cyprus, who are over 18 years old have the right to participate in this Contest. However, staff and or relatives of staff of A.C.M. Christofides cannot take part in the competition.
  1. Exclusion from the Competition. Whoever falls in any of these categories is excluded from the competition: a) whoever uses a nickname in their social media, preventing us from checking their identification. Excluding them from the competition can be done at any stage of the competition, even during the Gift delivery stage.

b) If it turns out that the profile is false, the participation will be excluded from participation in the Contest and any claims for the Contest prizes will be void.
  1. Duration of the competition. The duration of the competition is defined as the period from the 10th November, 2016 (herein referred to as the "Start Contest") up to 28th December, 2016 (herein referred to as the "End of the Contest").
  1. How to Participate in the Competition. Those wishing to participate in the Contest must complete their data.
  1. Personal Data. Personal data will be used for the proper conduct of the competition and for informing the winners on how to receive their prizes. The participants' data may be used from time to time for future promotions from the company ACM CHRISTOFIDES LTD.
  1. Gifts. The Competition gifts (herein referred to as the "Gifts") will be determined through the lucky draw to be conducted.
  1. Winners Obligation. By agreeing to take any gifts the winners of the Contest are invariably giving their consent for their name and surname to be disclosed for the promotion of the Contest through PR and social media activities. This activity may not limited to using their names only, but may include the use of their image – in the form of a photograph or film.
Winners agree that they will be available to attend any photograph shoots and / or other promotional activities.
  1. Information and Receipt of Gift. Information on the Contest winners will be announced on the Website and the winners will be notified by the Organizers with relevant emails or where the contest takes place physically, gifts will be given instantly.
If for whatever reason it was not possible to communicate with a given winner of the competition over a period of fifteen (15) calendar days from the day of the notification, that person permanently loses his right to receive the gift.
  1. Responsibility. The Organisers will not be liable if for any technical reason the participation registration in the Website system has made it impossible. In any case the responsibility of organizers is limited to acts or omissions of malice or gross negligence and in any case would not be extend to accidental events or force majeure events.
  1. Publicity. The terms of the participation are available on the Website.
  1. Tender Withdrawal. Modification of Terms. The Organisers are entitled to withdraw the invitation of the competition or to modify these terms, by informing through the Website, with effective date of revocation / amendment of the date of the update.
  1. Acceptance of Terms. Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of these terms.